Digital Signage Supermarket

For a fancy supermarket, it may be true to say that the more screens, the better, providing that they are properly designed and used. However, it is not always easy to make these seemingly anti-human screens fit into the environment and make a positive impact.

Video Wall

  • Big-brand advertising
  • Supermarket brand promotion
  • Discounts and holiday promotions
  • Recommend shops and map guides

Floor-standing Kiosk

  • Advertising
  • Way-finding map and directory
  • Coupon printing

Stretched Display

  • Advertising
  • Directing the way
  • Multiple-screen sync

Shelf-edge Display

  • Display prices
  • Advertising
  • Screen splicing

Shelf-top Display

  • Advertising
  • Display discounts
  • Multiple-screen sync

Digital Signage Supermarket Case Study

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